Learning about Buddhism - Buddhist Stories

Buddhist Stories

Four things that will not last

The brevity of human life

The deliverance of Yasas

How long does life last

The body is the source of suffering

The Buddha's deliverance of Lotus

The ladle which serves the delicacies

The five things that are not easy to come by

Life and death is like torrential rain

The four most frightening things

Impermanence from moment to moment

The auspicious herb

The great wall of Dharma protection

Seven ways to rule a country

Fighting for the Truth

Reminding the kings to protect the Dharma

Life is invaluable

Reducing Hostility through Kindness

Giving relief to the Poor and the Disabled

Mental Suffering

A Kind Thought

Suffering endured by the ‘Golden Body’

Repentance of the Ugly Princess

Attaining Transcendental Vision through Repentance

Resolving a dispute

One should Accept Others' Apology

Turning Around From Bad to Good

Self-inflicted karma

A pure mind induces a pure land

Transcendental powers cannot override karma

The helplessness of the Buddha

They are not yours

The one who really loves himself

The compassionate acceptance of the old man to renounce

Seven ways to know what is good

Five instances of bliss

Learning the Way

The pure mind of 'the stinking woman'

Badhrika's understanding of the Way

Five ways to cultivate

The eight great ways to enlightenment

The purpose of cultivation

The secure way to cultivate

Rebuke on transcendental power

Putting the mad elephant into submission

The way of the sweet dew

What is the Way

Craving is a form of debt

Better to act than to talk

The analogy of the drum

Merits and Blessings

Defilements are like the shadow of the tree

Replanting the merits

The analogy of the seven carriages

The importance of practising what you have learnt

Caring for the sick will earn the best merit

Fragrance and malodour

A human or not human

The Buddha visiting the sick

The harmful effects of alms

The unsalvable

Training to be compassionate

Four ways to attain restful happiness

Eradication of habitual misdemeanour

The Buddha shared his seat

The six things to be mindful of

The seeds of bad habits

Four kinds of commendable conduct

The feeling between teacher and disciple

The disadvantage of excessiveness

Four kinds of followers

The five kinds of incomplete person

The five meditations for settling the mind

Sweeping the mind

Cultivation is like playing a musical instrument


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