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The Fourfold Foundation of Mindfulness


In the cultivation for enlightenment, one of the fundamental teachings of the Buddha is aimed at awakening the practitioner's awareness or mindfulness, which is essential for attaining proper understanding.

As recorded in the Mahasmrtyupasthana Sutra (the Sutra of Great Mindfulness), the Fourfold Foundation of Mindfulness is a way to help practitioners cultivate awareness and understanding primarily of oneself and ultimately of all things. To quote from the Sutra, this practice can "lead sentient beings to reach a state of clarity and purity, to overcome vexations and afflictions, to dissolve pain and sorrow, to attain the right path, and to realise nirvana." It is therefore considered indispensable as one of the basic methods of cultivation on the Buddhist path.

The Fourfold Foundation of Mindfulness is the practice of concentrating the mind on one's body, feelings (sensations), mind, and objects of the mind (phenomena), such that one would be in a contemplative state of acute awareness. Abidance in this state is conducive to insight into the interrelationship of these four areas of focus and awakening to the true reality of impermanence, interdependent arising and no self.

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